November 06 2020

‘Five Factors’ - 5 ways to track deliveries more accurately

Geo-Fencing Alerts

These alerts let your customers know when your drivers are within a 1km radius of the delivery point, letting them appropriately prepare and notifying them that their delivery will soon be delivered.

GPS driver tracking

Using Google maps integrations, our Delivery Solution offers your teams the ability to track driver progress in real-time, providing better visibility even in remote locations. This improves responsiveness to unavoidable delays and helps your customer service team keep in the loop so they can provide customers with accurate information about deliveries, if needed.

Guaranteed to meet SLA’s

Meeting SLA’s is critical for a successful and reliable delivery operation. Delivery Systems can nowadays guarantee specific ETA’s are met, and these expectations are digitally calculated by the system when your team is planning and scheduling deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction for each and every delivery.
Instant Delivery UpdatesAs soon as a delivery is made, or skipped, you will receive immediate updates on the office system. These updates are colour-coded, so a quick skim of the route monitoring screen will give you all the information you need regarding each delivery, on each route. If a delivery is skipped, the reasons why will be provided along with all the necessary reports concerning an order.

Recalling Delivery Reports

Keep your records organised easily with a digital filing system - Updates of a successful delivery on the office system provide the proof-of-delivery report, the total summary of the order, including costs or product adjustments, the end-of-site survey and the names of drivers/customers etc.

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