August 21 2020

'FIVE FACTORS' - 5 ways digital delivery systems keep businesses safe

1. Contactless deliveries

With the ability to take electronic proof-of-deliveries, you can ensure face-to-face interaction is as limited as possible and close contact is completely avoided. You can choose to take photograph as evidence as well which means a 2 metre distance can be kept.

2. Precise ETA’s

Knowing exactly when a driver is going to deliver a parcel means your customers can prepare correctly and make sure the area/staff are aware and safely ready for a distanced delivery.

3. Incoming delivery alerts

Geofencing alerts can be set up using our System - Customers will receive automated messages alerting them that the driver is within a 1km radius of the drop point. Again this allows them to prepare safely and means the driver doesn’t need to manually make the customer aware.

4. Specific delivery instructions

Say a customer has 2 delivery points - Specific instructions will be given through the driver’s handheld device ensuring they deliver to the correct place, lock any entrances they open and that the parcel is safely left if there are no employees to collect it.

5. Defined Delivery/stop types

Our System lets you clearly define the type of stop for each delivery - This means you can assign the right vehicles to the right routes and customer types. Say there are a series of restaurant deliveries in a close area that all need smaller trucks that can fit in the parking spots/roads that they’re on. This saves time having to find parking and means there are no road blockages or the driver has to spend time finding how to deliver goods.
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