February 05 2021

5 tools Routemagic offers to help Product and Price Management

If you’re working with tight profit margins, having more control over your products and how much they can be sold at through different periods throughout the year is vital - Small price differences make a difference in the long run, and improving stock control means managing stock, finances and future planning are a little easier.
Below we run through 5 tools RouteMagic offers to help you take better control of your products, from managing promotions and discounts to empowering your van drivers’ sales abilities with flexible pricing.

1. Extensive Product Information

RouteMagic lets you hold all the product information you need, including product images which show up on the driver’s handheld device. This ensures they are always picking/packing/loading/unloading the correct products. Weight measurements are held on the system, and products can be placed into different categories and groups to help with organising inventories.

product info

2. Flexible Pricing Structures

Having flexible but secure pricing structures means you always have an accurate idea of how much products are being sold for, which helps you plan your finances and estimate growth/profits more precisely.
RouteMagic offers flexible pricing, whilst ensuring these prices are stuck to by drivers. Below, you can see each product has the cost, default price, maximum and minimum price that you allow that product to be sold at.

flexible pricing

These pricing structures are carried throughout the board, but price lists specific to customers or applying discounts can override them. This means you can easily manage special price lists without product and pricing management becoming complicated which could lead to mis-priced products//orders and lost profits.

3. Customer Price Lists

Customer price lists can be set up if you have any agreements with specific customers. The System lets you simply create a start/end date, and you can choose to apply a discount in percentage/absolute (eg. 5 pence off each product), or you can manually enter the new prices for the particular customer/product.
You can choose to add entire product classes, or choose specific products from the database and the new prices will automatically override default prices set up for each product.

customer price lists

4. Discounts/Promotions

The discounts/promotional price lists work similarly to customer-specific pricing. They will be applied to all customers, and you can choose the dates you want each list to be active for with the amended pricing.


This feature lets you manage seasonal product lines and keep control of your stocks without consistently managing prices each week/month.

5. Product Lists

RouteMagic takes care of whitelist/black list products with the ability to create/implement product lists.
Say you have product lines which are specific to customers, or have certain products which cannot be sold to certain customers, you can define these through creating product lists, and the system will ensure drivers do not accidentally sell products to customers that you cannot get paid for.

product lists

This removes the chance of manual error early on, and ensures tighter stock control along with overall improved visibility and inventory management.
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