August 07 2020

'FIVE FACTORS' - 5 features of our Route Planning System


Optimise routes based on the maximum number of deliveries you want each to carry out, the number of routes you want to use for the day’s deliveries, the starting and end times for all deliveries, as well as the quickest route to get drivers from A TO B.

Drag-and-drop deliveries

Our Delivery Management System offers a drag-and-drop feature, meaning you can simply drag deliveries to your desired route, meaning last-minute changes or amendments are simple and clear.

Vehicle Information

Our System makes sure you don’t assign the wrong type of vehicles for the routes. Say a particular route is delivering only to restaurants, you may want to ensure smaller trucks are used - On the single planning screen, you can see this information by hovering over the van icon, meaning mistakes are minimised.

Plan ahead

Plan routes and deliveries up to a week ahead of schedule - This helps massively when taking in new orders on a daily basis, and helps you manage larger numbers of orders, ensuring customers never go dissatisfied and you can meet ETA’s for any number of deliveries.

__Google Maps integrations __

With Google’s integrated maps, you can choose to view all the stops on the map from the route planning screen, for last-minute confirmations that everything is set and no mistakes have been made. From this screen, you can then choose how you want to amend or optimize certain routes.
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