December 04 2020

4 ways an EPOD System improves Visibility

1. Live Data

Live route data provides office teams with all the PoDs, delivery reports, site summaries & payments made each day for each driver and each delivery. Vehicle inspections and end-of-day reports are also collected in real-time, improving responsiveness and helping your teams to effectively handle any disruptions as quickly as possible.

2. Seamless communications

Automated driver messages, geo-fencing alerts and sms updates keep customers and office teams in the loop with delivery status’, meaning the time spent manually updating is minimised, and drivers can focus on their deliveries without interference.

3. Customer Portal

Your customers can access all of their deliveries through their own portal - They simply sign in and can review orders, amend quantities, access previous delivery reports and overview all costs and products on their own. This gives them all the information they need without having to chase up with your teams, allowing a more convenient digital system to take care of their concerns.

4. Delivery Tracking

With Google maps and GPS tracking integrations, RouteMagic tracks drivers’ exact locations and provides your office staff with their whereabouts. Similar to live data, this lets your team act responsively to disruptions while keeping a bird’s eye view of each driver’s daily operations.
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