November 20 2020

4 tips for a Customer-Centric Business model

4 tips for a Customer-Centric Business model

1. Listen to their needs

Understanding their pain-points, needs and requirements may seem obvious, but it’s far easier to look internally at what works well for your business. These values may not align, so getting to know each customer and their ideal service requirements can help you tailor your operation to their needs, for which you’ll reap the rewards of long-term trust and loyalty.

2. Consistent Quality Service

Again, this may be a no-brainer, but looking at your own workflow and ironing out any seams will ensure you keep to SLA’s. Having inefficiencies or unproductive processes will reflect poor delivery timings and order errors which result in poor B2B relationships. For this, ensuring your Delivery Operation is optimised can help improve your brand image as reliable.

3. Tailor to their needs

Each customer wants to feel as though they are the priority. Digital Systems can nowadays help you treat each customer as if they are your only one, without massively increasing workload for your teams - From managing orders, to driver tacking and optimising routes and improving customer service, operational developments can help you tailor to each customer’s specific demands.

4. Offer Convenient Service

On top of a customer-centric focus, customers want convenience. For Delivery Operations, this means being able to offer flexibility - Whether that be regarding order adjustments last minute, safely delivering orders when no one is in the physical store or keeping customers in the loop using a client portal.
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