April 12 2021

3 primary impacts of an E-POD System

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When a company has used a system to help manage their deliveries for years, maybe even decades, it can be tricky for them to see the clear benefits of changing that system and putting in place a digital replacement that could potentially derail the workflow of the team whilst they learn how to use new software.
With so many options and features being available, it can be difficult enough just to locate a system that seems like it would suit the workings of a particular delivery operation.
With this in mind, we decided to bring the focus back to the basic 3 benefits any business will have access to with the adoption of the right system that tunes itself to the ways each business works.

1. Reduce Revenue Leakage

Capture reports digitally means records are accurate and there is no need for paperwork to be carried around all day by your van drivers, where the chance for lost records is completely eliminated.
Stock levels are adjusted immediately after a delivery has been made, a vehicle has been loaded or unloaded, or even when returns have been made. This massively improves stock control, letting you reap the benefits of digital record keeping and removing the need to manually take stock counts, which open up the chance for manual error.

2. Reduce Admin costs

With records being taken and organised by the system, the need for administrative tasks is minimised, meaning you save costs and can ensure your filing system is sharp and accurate. You also save office space too, with everything you need being stored digitally in the cloud.
One a driver has taken a proof of delivery, or completed a vehicle inspection, these reports are sent back to the office in real-time, so you don’t need to wait until the driver returns later that day to access the records. This means you can speed up the cashflow of your business to, meaning you get paid quicker and provide customers with more efficient services.

3. Improve Visibility

With live-route information and order adjustments being instant (whether thats the driver up-selling items or the customer changing their order last minute), RouteMagic gives you the chance to see your entire operation in clarity - You wont miss anything that happens in the field, and this means delays can be responded to rapidly and they can be resolved without causing too much disruption to the day’s operations.
With driver tracking for your office and route mapping for you drivers, they can get from customer to customer using the quickest route calculated by the system for you. Unpredictable delays are sometimes unavoidable, but with complete visibility, these delays can be corrected quicker than ever meaning the impact is minimised.

Customised to your needs

RouteMagic offers full customisability for each of our customers - Using checklists with over 50 different rules and settings for customers, employees, and the company, meaning the 3 primary benefits above are accessible to all customers while they can still work in the unique ways that suit them.
With a quick setup and short learning curve, your business can continue service with a new level of efficiency, reflecting directly on increasing profits and happier customers.
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