March 22 2021

3 essentials for managing demand effectively

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Hospitality is on the slow return - Old customers will require their services to resume alongside your newer customers. This puts more pressure on preparation, and the need to effectively manage this increasing demand through inventory/order/route management.
We’ve targeted these 3 key focuses, which will let operations run as smoothly as possible, avoiding poor planning, missed deliveries, and manual error.

1. Accurate stock control

Maximising your van sales and minimising missed deliveries is far easier when you have a clear view of stock levels across all inventories.
RouteMagic provides a series of stock control features - live updates for stock levels, from warehouse to van, van to customer, and even van-to-van transfers. You can see your stocks adjust and set reorder levels for each product, so you never have to cancel orders or leave customers dissatisfied.
With better visibility over purchasing trends and your customer’s habits, you can plan more accurately for the future too. Seasonal discounts can be set up easily which help you take full control of your stocks.
Controlling stock effectively lets you keep your inventories with the optimum levels of each product, reducing waste and avoiding insufficiencies.

2. Call Scheduling

Increased demand puts a lot of pressure on planning routes and delivery schedules each day/week. This demand can build up quickly, resulting in a backlog of orders to process which can lead to delays and wrongly planned routes if not managed correctly.
When you can automatically set your regular daily/weekly/monthly orders, you don’t have to return each week to plan these same orders - A system will do it for you.
RouteMagic lets you set up delivery schedules for both routine orders and van sales routes. The setup is quick and easy, and it leaves you with far less to manage. Our route planner solves any issues with the remaining orders - The planner is a single-screen, showing you all of the routes and deliveries which are scheduled for the day, and you can plan up to a week in advance.

3. Convenient Ordering

The easier your customers can place and manage their orders, the less time spent correcting errors, changing or adjusting orders manually, and keeping customers informed.
Our customer portal lets customers place orders on their own, track their deliveries, receive updates on their orders automatically and make any adjustments to these orders on their own.
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