November 26 2020

3 Essential Delivery Technologies for a Second Lockdown

1. Contactless Deliveries

The safety of workers and customers is at the forefront of everybody’s concerns. Using our electronic proof-of-delivery app, drivers can take photographic evidence of a successful delivery. The GPS location of the delivery is included in the delivery report, so accountability is maintained and face-to-face interactions are minimised between drivers and customers.
Delivery notifications will let your customers know when a delivery is nearby, so they can prepare according to Government guidelines.

2. Online Customer Ordering

RouteMagic offers a Customer Portal, where customers can access their accounts - Placing and overseeing orders has never been more convenient. This ease-of-access is more necessary now than ever, given offices are closing and it is becoming more difficult to communicate with customers. 
Customers can add and amend orders, meaning flexibility and responsiveness are improved. They can also access all of their previous orders, download invoices and PoD documents at any time.

3. Access-from-anywhere Systems

Cloud-based Systems can be accessed from anywhere using a laptop, desktop, or phone. This facilitates home working for your key office staff, meaning your business manages as effectively during Lockdown as when staff are able to come to the office. From contactless deliveries to online ordering, manage demand and keep delivering quality service with these 3 essential technologies

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