November 26 2019

10 ways an effective electronic proof of delivery system can enhance your business

Many delivery and distribution companies are turning to electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) technology to automate, streamline and optimise their distribution operations.

However, many logistics managers and their mobile workers still rely on paper-based proof of delivery to manage their daily processes. Not only can this hinder an organisation’s efficiency and slow down the customer service response, but it also can also increase operational costs and reduce profits.

Here we explore 10 ways that EPOD systems can benefit delivery businesses...

__1. Increase accuracy and efficiency


Reduce errors due to the removal of manual tasks and processes. Fast and effectively management of customer orders and accounts with customer-specific pricing and SLAs. React and respond quickly to customer requests with fast and secure electronic data management.

__2. Improve customer service


Respond faster to customer delivery demands and queries with real-time visibility of mobile workers and delivery progress. Proactively manage customer expectations and delivery ETAs. Instantly recall and email proof of delivery documents for faster dispute resolutions.

__3. Increase productivity __

Schedule and optimise delivery route sequences and monitor performance against schedule with real-time GPRS location. Allow office and/or mobile workers to amend route sequence to respond to on-the-day circumstances reducing lost time. Measure route profitability over time.

__4. Reduce operating costs


Eliminate the need for manual, labour-intensive data entry reducing administration staff and/or reallocating staff to focus on proactive customer service. Reduce paper-based processes and associated printing costs. Reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs with optimised routes, vehicle inspections and check-lists. Reduce loss of returnable assets with full asset tracking.

__5. Increase cash flow


Reduce the time between delivery and invoicing with real-time data transfers to and from mobile workers enabling earlier billing against confirmed deliveries/collections. Provide mobile workers with instant access to customer credit status from mobile or tablet device.

__6. Gain complete visibility and transparency


Build a strong reputation for reliability and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction with full visibility and control of business operations. Gain instant access to mobile workers’ daily sales, cash and stock summary and full payment reconciliation.

__7. Empowers your staff


Real-time view of performance against schedule, planned and completed route and schedule changes and failed delivery data allows office staff to monitor and manage mobile workers to ensure customer SLAs and delivery windows are achieved.

__8. Greater business insight


Quickly identify and address issues and apply this business intelligence to speed up exception handling, further optimise operations and prevent new problems from occurring. Identify opportunities and areas for business growth and development.

__9. Gain competitive advantage


Offer a highly flexible, functional and reliable delivery service to your customers. Demonstrate your commitment to investment in new technologies for the benefit of your customers. Focus your time and resources on growing your business and penetrating new markets.

__10. Increase sales volumes and revenue


Increased mobile worker productivity servicing more customers in less time. Reduce errors and improve efficiency. Respond to increasing customer demands to retain existing customers. Increase customer base and market share with a robust platform to manage business growth.

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